AfA #50 – Tansania

Featuring Edwin Sosthenes

[ENG] Our walking encyclopedia Edwin Sosthenes is back and presents to us in great detail his home country Tanzania. Especially for the German listeners, this episode offers important insights on the time of “Deutsch Ost-Afrika” as well as parallels between modern-day Tanzania & Germany.

But furthermore, this informative interview leaves no Tanzanian topic untouched: Being it the diverse ethnic and geographic composition (e.g. Kilimanjaro), the union between Tanganyika & Zanzibar or the legacy of the first president Julius Nyerere (see picture) who had a long-lasting impact on many African independence movements. To fully grasp this extended conversation use the provided timeline to switch between topics:

0:03:00 Geography & Population
0:25:00 Early History
0:37:45 (German) Colonialism
0:59:35 Julius Nyerere & Post-independence
1:30:15 Political System
1:45:35 Decentralization & Minority Rights
1:57:05 Economic Situation

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