AfA #8 – Burkina Faso (EN)

featuring Fenny Ndapewa Nakanyete

The magnificent Fenny Ndapewa Nakanyete is back again and we met at the University of Cologne campus to discuss Burkina Faso. The landlocked state is highly underrated in the public coverage but has a lot to offer. 

This episode covers inter alia the famous national hero Thomas Sankara as well as some of Fenny’s travel anecdotes from her journey through Burkina Faso earlier this year.

Unfortunately Fenny’s Two-Year Masters Programm at University of Cologne is over now and a PhD programm pulls her back to the academic haven of UNAM in Windhoek. But she will be back both in Germany and (via Skype) on the Afrika für Almans Podcast 😉

Auf die Ohren:

Auch zu Burkina Faso finden sich aufschlussreiche Dokus und Filmchen in der korrespondierenden AfA Playlist.

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