AfA #26 – Liberia

feat. Varlee Sesay

(ENG) Liberia: Land of Liberty!

In this week’s podcast, we are joined by the Liberian Computer-Science student Varlee Sesay to speak about his home country. From the US-American founding fathers in 1847 up to the first female African president in history – Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

But be aware guys: This episode is nothing for the highly sensitive, Liberia has seen very dark moments during the last decades through its brutal civil war. Varlee guides us through these complex and devastating events, the important characters here to remember are Charles Taylor and Prince Johnson. On contrast, we also mention the beautiful aspects of this West-African nation, i.e. the magnificent Nimba Mountain Reservat (see picture).

Also a special thanks to the lovely Rebecca Nzellé Ewang, who made this spontaneous interview possible. Hence the Afrika für Almans Network is growing larger and stronger every week!

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