AfA #27 – Libyen

feat. Ibrahim al-Shebani

(ENG) Libya – the mysterious giant in Northern Africa.

Mass Migration, Civil Wars or the Regime of Muhammar al-Gaddafi are just some of the buzz words frequently associated with Libya. Instead of joining this flash-in-a-pan hysteria we take a different approach: We are joined this week by the software engineer Ibrahim al-Shebani who brings light into his home country’s situation, both in past and present. From beautiful Roman heritages along the Mediterranean coastline (e.g. Leptis Magne, in the episode picture), to Italian colonial concentration camps or the hottest place on earth. 

We also have great news this week: Afrika für Almans reached 28/56 weeks and that means Half-Time. As the episodes and nations fly by we have grown constantly and can confidently look ahead to many more interesting and insightful conversations and perspectives to come!

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